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What's In my hospital bag

After lots of research from friends and bloggers, I finally put together a list of what I would like to bring with me to the hospital. And yes, I will be that girl in full hair and makeup while giving birth. If you know me, would you expect anything less?

| For Mama |


Hospital gown - this one was sent to me by a precious boutique (also sold on amazon) SO SOFT and has snaps in the front for skin-to-skin etc. It also has snaps in the back so you can walk around and not feel exposed, but still gives the staff access to your back once it's time for the epidural.


- these are my favorite + cute but really needed to keep my hair out of my face.

Gown + Robe - this will be what I change into after I've showered (hopefully) and get our fresh 48 pictures taken. I can't link my exact set but I got mine from Posh Peanut!

Back up Gown -Just in case we have to stay longer than expected depending on the type of delivery I have.


Makeup Mirror-this is powerful! Worth every penny, actually gives off light and stands on its own + rechargeable.

Fan- I always sleep with a fan on my face + lawd knows I'm going to get hot while delivering. This is a dual purpose fan b/c we'll clip this on to baby's stroller in the summer time. Actually impressed by how hard this blows for being such a small fan.

Toiletries- shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair products, hair tools etc.


Towel + Washcloth

Pillow + Blanket


Socks with grips

Going Home Outfit | Option 1- I plan on wearing these super stretchy, high waisted pants home with this top. I'll pair in with my very well loved white platform sneakers

Going Home Outfit | Option 2- just in case of a c-section, or if I really don't want to wear pants, I grabbed this dress to wear with my sneakers too. It's going be chilly on/around our due date but it's just an outfit to snap a pic and get in the car to go home. Plus, I'm super hot natured so I'll probably still be sweating bullets.

The hospital will pretty much have everything I'll need as far as postpartum care, I might bring a few things just in case (I'm picky about certain products).

All of my stuff is organized with these packing cubes and stacked in the order of when I'll need them to make it a little easier on Dillon to grab things for me.

| For Baby |


Wooden name sign



Going home outfit- I have two similar styles in two different sizes depending on how big he is. I originally ordered a 0-3 month and then bought a newborn size just in case he was a little guy and the 0-3 months swallowed him! I got both outfits from SK Creationss. Her customer service is amazing and the quality is awesome!

Posh Peanut Knotted gown + hat for fresh 48 pictures

Baby Book- so we can get his little hands and feet stamped.

Formula- I'm not nursing (save the mom shaming for someone else). If the hospital doesn't use the brand I plan on using, at least I'll have what I want to use.

*I've been told the hospital will also have bottles if needed. I also brought a few myself b/c I want to okay.

| For Dad |





Undies + Socks

Outfit for fresh 48 pictures






| Misc. |


Portable Speaker

Long Phone Chargers

Snacks for Dad


Car Seat

Nurse Baskets- so many bloggers put together a little basket for the nurses on night shift / day shift. They will be taking care of us during the most exciting time in our lives -- they deserve a little something special too!

*this is what I chose to bring with me. YOU do what's best for you. Want to bring 4 more outfits, do it mama. I have and always will be an over packer. I'd rather be over prepared than wish I had brought something but didn't.

Thanks for reading!


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