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updating Our Home | The Theme

Switching home decor is so fun yet so stressful, especially when you like every design board on Pinterest. I have gone back and forth on what I wanted to do next for our home. If you are new around here, Dillon and I purchased our first home almost 2 years ago and went for the neutral / touches of farmhouse theme. We are true lovers of antiques, neutral colors, and symmetry. I have been inspired by so many designers and other bloggers to add more texture, color, and playfulness into my home.

I have always been drawn to anything blue and white, I consider it a neutral. I have also really been loving rattan accents. Once Dillon and I landed on a theme (I am so blessed to have a husband who is just as into redecorating as I am) /// (this also has caused us to change the theme a few times too haha!)

ANYWAYS! I wanted to fuse my love for blue and white / a more classic color palette with a boho coastal theme with fun textures, artwork, pops of gold and different lines + fixtures. I am a visual person and making these graphics have helped us decide if a unique piece we are drawn to goes with the overall aesthetic.

My true goal is to see something, love it, and be able to add it into our home without worrying if it will "go". Why not add cheetah print? Why not add that bright orange candle? (this could also start a very slippery slope to hoarding haha!)

The Kitchen


Originally, we didn't even plan on updating the kitchen, BUT like I said, we are matchy-matchy people at heart and felt that the two rooms we are in the most needed to flow. We were also due for a sturdy, nice kitchen table. We were originally using a table + chair set that I had in my condo in college and it was time for an upgrade anyways!

We also are putting our hutch back in storage and swapping it for a bar cart. I have always wanted to be someone who had a fun cocktail every now and then instead of my usual wine (I need to mix things up, literally) and I thought a bar car / buffet would be the perfect way to do that! Plus they are fun to decorate!

The Living Room


Our living room is on the smaller side with an off-set fireplace. We also have a beautiful leather couch that was gifted to us, but it has proven difficult in the past to pair things with its tan color. As much as we would love a cream colored small sectional, our living room layout is not made for that.

When deciding on a coffee table, we went through a laundry list of pros and cons of choosing an ottoman or actual table. We decided that an ottoman would be best for a few reasons.

  1. When Luke starts to walk, we don't want him to hit his head on the coffee table. (I'd rather deal with possible stains on the ottoman than stitches in a forehead)

  2. We would love to have movie days on the weekends in the living room by pulling up the ottoman to make it comfier because our couch isn't very big.

Thankfully our rug and other furniture pieces are perfect for the new vibe of the house. It really is just a matter of adding mixed metals and more color into the space. I am also looking into having some artwork framed for the mantle. I went back and forth when I styled our mantle the first time, so I can only imagine how long it will take me this time.

Our bedroom is going to stay the same for the most part. I have my eye on a piece of artwork that I want to go above our bed. We also need a few updated items to go on our dresser. I'll save our bedroom for a separate blog post (:

In the meantime, I will be selling all of our old decor at a garage sale soon, wish me luck!



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