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Traveling with a baby

When we decided to take a trip to Cabo San Lucas for my 25th birthday, all I could think about was traveling with a baby. I was struck with nerves thinking about every possible scenario that could happen, what we would need, and how Luke would take to an airplane ride.

My thoughts were racing the days leading up to our trip, not to mention Luke had just started to cut teeth which made me super nervous. We had a carseat to think about, his schedule, a stroller, diapers, formula etc. With so much to think about, I knew we had to be very strategic with how we packed, what we packed, and what we would leave behind.


We packed things that we use every day, even the Baby Brezza (yes we love that thing and brought it with us). We also packed his sound machine extra crib sheets for the hotel crib, and a foldable float for the pool. We typically will stop at the Walmart near our resort to get things for the week, his pack of diapers were one of those things. This made more room in his suitcase. I also packed a thermometer, snot sucker, and medicine just in case.

We checked all of our bags which freed up our hands as we walked through the airport / made boarding, getting off the plane and going through customs easier. The only thing we brought on the plane with us were Luke's diaper bag, stroller and Dillon had his own backpack.

Travel Stroller

I mentioned on Instagram stories that I wanted to share a stroller that changed the game! I saw this on TikTok funny enough and knew I needed it for our trip. I have heard horror stories of people checking their expensive strollers and getting that back damaged or completely unusable. Because we have the Uppa Baby Vista, I didn't want to take my chances. I also didn't want to take it in and out of taxis because it's a larger stroller.

The GB Pockit Air was a GAME CHANGER, I seriously don't know what we would have done without it. It folds up perfectly to the size of a carry on. No more having to wait for your stroller to

be delivered at the gate, you can just grab it and go. It was so easy to fold and unfold between taxi rides, we seriously love it! Not only is this the perfect stroller for traveling by plane but would be great for a road trip if you are needed to save space in the back! We also love how is has a mesh back which kept Luke much cooler than his regular stroller would have!

Diaper Bag

Here is what we packed:

  • 3 bottles + Forumla (we bought a bottle of water after security)

  • Bottle warmer

  • Puffs / Snacks

  • Pacis

  • Teething Medicine

  • Toys

  • Overnight diapers - super absorbent

  • Wipes

  • Extra change of clothes

  • Blanket

  • Fan for stroller

*depending on the airline you fly, I would pack an iPad just in case there isn't a movie screen as a last resort for entertainment.


We always use a private transportation company when traveling to Cabo so it was a no brainer that we would be using them this time as well. We went back and forth with bringing our own carseat and checking it but ultimately decided to rent a carseat through the private company in the event that Luke's carseat was lost or damaged in transit. Upon arrival, the carseat was in perfect condition and was sanitized. This was just one more thing we didnt have to worry about bringing and carting along with us throughout the airport.

The Experience

Our plane ride to Cabo was a full flight and we sat in the same row as my mom which was nice to not have a stranger sitting next to us. Luke actually fell asleep in his stroller as we were waiting to board and slept 15 minutes past take off. Once he woke up, we gave him a bottle and he played with a magazine for at least 30 minutes. When he started getting antsy we gave him some puffs which kept him full but also gave him something to do. We also let him play with our phones and iPad which we don't typically do and he was mesmerized. The flight from Dallas to Cabo is about 3 hours so we were approaching his nap time when he started to get a little fussy. My dad was sitting behind us and got up and walked to the back of the plane where the flight attendants oohed and ahed over him (last 15 minutes of the flight) then sat back down before we landed.

I won't talk much about our stay because everything went really well. Luke fell asleep each night we went out to dinner and he loved being by the pool.

Leaving Cabo was a different experience. Our flight was at a weird time where Luke needed to be napping, he was also a little fussy because he is teething. I also think he wasn't acting completely himself because there is a 2 hour time difference that messed with his schedule. Luckily our whole family was upgraded to first class on the way home which gave us more room with Luke (my parents were also sitting in front of us so we didnt have to worry about Luke kicking the seats in front of us).

I could tell before we even took off that this wasn't going to be as smooth of a ride as our ride to Cabo. I started to get a little stressed because you don't want to be those people with a crying baby but Luke was not having it. After we got up in the air, Luke started to get really fussy, like screaming fussy. He didn't want a bottle which was weird because he loves to eat but I think he got to the point of being overtired. So once again, Papa T to the rescue! He took Luke to the back of the plane and got him to go to sleep then came back up to sit with us. Meanwhile our flight attendant offered us an alcoholic beverage and some cheese, what a life saver. The whole episode probably only lasted 10 minutes but it felt like hours before he calmed down. Then he slept the rest of the way home and mom and dad got to relax with their cheese and wine.

Overall, the trip as a whole was better than I expected to be but I can't imagine what it would be like if he was mobile and wanted to get up and walk all over the place!


Here are some personal tips I have + tips shared with me as a first time flyer with a baby.

  • Offer a bottle/feeding taking off and landing so their ears pop (or pacifier)

  • Paci Clips - double as a teething + won't drop the paci

  • Portable Fan - just in case baby gets hot

  • Snacks - if your baby is of age, offering a snack gives them something do to with their hands + keeps them full.

  • Screen Time - we stopped doing screen time / tv time but brought our iPad as an exception as a last resort.

  • Nighttime Diapers - super absorbent which will prevent you from having to use the nasty plane changing table (depending on how long the flight is (unless they poop then obviously change their diaper)

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