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Summer Reading | Thriller/Mystery

When it comes to reading, I am a psychological thriller / murder mystery lover. If it doesn't catch my attention within the first few chapters, I typically won't continue reading it. Here is a list of some of the books I've read over the years and their ratings (in no particular order). *other genres coming soon.

The Woman in the Window

It's been awhile since I've read this one but boy was it a good one. I loved that you never knew if the character was actually crazy or if the things she thought was happening, actually happened! Wasn't mad about the ending either! A movie on Netflix was just released, don't waste your time. 0/10.


The Guest List

This grabbed my attention in the very beginning. So much so that I read it in two days. There was one character story-line that I predicted but the ending was SO good and I definitely didn't see it coming!


Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn can do no wrong. However, out of all of her books, this one took the longest to get into. Once you make it through almost half the book is where it gets really good. This is also one of the only books that has a movie that was just like the book, which I really enjoy!


Sharp Objects

Another amazing book written by the queen herself, Gillian Flynn. This one was so good, I have chills just thinking about it. The way she laid out this story was amazing and the ending left my jaw dropped in the best way! This book was made into a series on HBO and it did not disappoint either!


Dark Places

Last one from Gillian Flynn (can you tell I like her). This book has so many points of view that all line up together perfectly. It take glimpses from the past and interchanges them with the present to solve what really happened. I want to read this one again. *as I'm writing this post I just saw that there is a movie about this book and I am so excited to see it, will report back!


The Girl on the Train

Great read! Any book that includes a character with a drinking problem will always keep you on edge. You never know if what they did really happened because they don't even know for themselves. The movie absolutely pissed me off and I don't think it did the book justice,


The Girls

This one turned out to be a different vibe than what I thought, but still somewhat enjoyed reading it. It takes place when Charles Manson was alive and how a young girl gets involved with his cult. Wasn't as twisty as I thought it could have been / compared to what I normally read.


Where they Found Her

This one is more on the sad side of dark and twisty. It does involve the death of an infant that was found in the woods, and the story is all about who it belongs to and why this happened (not far from real life events on the news) You really do feel all of the emotions of the characters which is hard to do in my opinion but this author did a wonderful job.


All the Missing Girls

YES! Love it. Small town mysteries come to life when the main character returns home and uncovers years worth of crimes done in the seemingly perfect small town.


The Widow

Oh my. This one had me on edge because I always felt like things were going to go too far. To summarize, the widow of a man convicted of kidnapping tells her point of view of the events leading up to the disappearance of a little girl a few towns over.


The Silent Patient

Everyone hyped this book up so much. I was excited to read it but it took almost 3/4 of the book for me to get into it. The concept of the characters was nice but I felt like the story line had more potential. The ending seemed a bit too predictable for me.


Into the Water

It's been awhile since I read this one. So much so I had to google the cliff notes lol. After doing some research, I remember that this one had some real mystery to it. When an author writes chapters in alternate character view-points, it makes it that much interesting. Towards the end I didnt know whether to feel relieved that I finally knew what happened or if I was mad.


A Stranger in the House

This novel deals with another character that has a concussion and doesn't remember much of the night leading up to the main event. This book makes you question if you really know the person you love.


The Perfect Stranger

I honestly didn't know I had read this book until I read the summary (may or may not read this on vacation where drinks were involved). Any who - I do remember this one leaving me uncertain after every chapter. There's nothing like realizing you aren't as close with someone as you thought you were.



- Behind her eyes: I have started this book and really can't get into it. Some have said it's great, others said they hated the ending. I actually put it down and started My Dark Vanessa - Kate Elizabeth Russell, I haven't had much time to read but I can tell it's going to be good.

What to Read Next

Verity - Colleen Hoover

The Last Mrs. Parrish - Liv Constantine

Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll*

The Wives - Tarryn Fisher

The Good Girl - Mary Kubica

The Dream Daughter - Diane Chamberlain

9 Perfect Stangers - Liane Moriarty *

*a movie, tv show / streaming soon

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