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Our Pregnancy Story | How We Found Out

Let me start off by saying, I am SO happy we can finally share the news of our little one! It was such a hard secret to hold in, but we wanted to give ourselves plenty of doctors appointments and time to make sure everything was okay! I am currently 12 weeks and in the 3rd month of our pregnancy! Only 6 more months to go!

I had lots of questions about baby stokes over on my Instagram, the timing of everything (yes this baby was 100% planned), and why I had mentioned in our announcement that we thought pregnancy wouldn't be easy for us.

I am going to try give my husband as much privacy as possible while explaining the situation. A few years ago, Dillon was experiencing some discomfort and pain "below the belt". When he went to the doctor, it was confirmed that his condition (I'm not even going to pretend to know how to spell it) was the #1 reason most couple's struggle to get pregnant from the males side. Us not being married at the time, saw this as something very intimidating but we weren't focused on having children anytime soon so we put our worries on the back burner.

A year after his surgery, Dillon was still having pain. We were engaged at this point and planning our wedding. In the back of my mind this really did worry me. I was fearful that the family we had dreamed about having, might be more difficult to accomplish than we planned. During our pre-marital counseling and one-on-one talks together, we came to the decision that starting our family soon after we got married would be the route we wanted to take.

We always thought about waiting a year or two, travel (people say travel and I'm like with what money? Travel to Bucees and take the scenic route?) I was fearful that if we waited too long, then figured out there was another problem, we would be in our 30s before we had our first child (absolutely nothing wrong with that, it just wasn't what we had envisioned for our future with wanting multiple children).

SO, after our honeymoon, we started trying for baby stokes. The first few months were frustrating with negative test after negative test. The negatives only fueled my fears of something being wrong. I was also upset with myself that I was getting depressed after a few short months when there are women all over the world who struggle for years and still don't get the result they want. At that point, we left it up to God, and sure enough, the next month I was pregnant!

I remember feeling all the PMS the week before my period. I even thought I started my period and was SO upset. I called Dillon crying and he brought home a bottle of wine and ice cream for me. I am so glad I didn't even want the wine that night.

The next morning, when I went to the bathroom, I, in fact, did not start my period. It's like I knew I was pregnant. I got dressed for work and went to Walmart to get a pregnancy test. As soon as I got to work, the two little lines on the test were bold and oh so beautiful! Then I just stood there. I was happy, nervous, excited, everything! The rest of the day I researched ways to tell Dillon!

I found out on a Monday and Father's Day was that coming Sunday, it could not have been more perfect! I had two onesie's made. One for Dillon and one for my dad!

I knew Father's day would be the perfect day to tell my sweet husband HE was going to be a father! Truth is -- I was too excited so I told him the day before (oops)! He was so excited and couldn't believe we could put our worries to rest!

Now if you think Dillon looks excited, you should have seen my parent's reactions! They thought it was a joke at first but we quickly confirmed that they were indeed going to be a "Papa T" and "Honey"!

This sweet little baby of ours has brought us so much joy! We cannot wait to share our journey with you! In the mean time, send us all the product recommendations for things you never knew you needed as a first time parent! We are all ears!!

xoxo Mom + Dad

P.S Dillon swears it's a boy, but mama thinks it's a girl!

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