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Our First Christmas | decor

Our first Christmas in our first home was so special! We saved up for a few months to buy decorations, we can't wait to build on our collection over the years!

I'm normally a "decorate after Thanksgiving" type of gal and my husband is the complete opposite. As you can see, marriage is full of compromises so decorating the first week of November it is!

"Pre-made garlands can be so expensive. My trick to making a cheaper garland fuller is by using picks! I usually break apart my picks with wire cutters and stuff the sparse places with pinecones, berries, and flocked picks."

Decorating your first home or apartment can be so intimidating, especially if you are starting your decor collection from scratch. I found it to be super beneficial for me to have home decor that can easily transition from any season by simply adding in different florals, candle colors, or in this case, garland.

We still have a few more things to add but it's a start and we cannot wait to celebrate our first and last Christmas alone as a married couple!

Quick reference links:



Pinecone picks

Stockings (not exact but similar)

Glass Jar

Berries for Jar (not exact but similar)

Candle Sticks




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