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Nursery Reveal | Luke

Putting together Luke's nursery was equally hard and fun! I had originally wanted to do all white with pops of navy. As soon as I received the bedding I had ordered, I immediately decided I hate any kind of color and started shopping for all neutrals (if you've seen my home, you know I am a neutral gal). SO, we finally landed on the neutral color scheme // I came up with a sort-of theme. I knew I wanted it to be slightly rustic, so we added some #shiplap and pops of deer antlers and animal prints. You can shop his custom name plate on his door here.

If you are in the market for some baby products these are our current favorites for all of his changing needs:

This mirror, along with his changing table and crib, was one of the first few things we picked out for his room. My mother-in-law gifted this to us after I fell in love with it at a boutique in our hometown. I found the exact one here.

The type of chair we would have in his room was probably the biggest debate we had. Gliders are not cheap and we really couldn't justify buying one for multiple reasons. 1. I'm not nursing, so having an overly comfortable chair wasn't something important to me. 2. All of his bottle making things are in our kitchen, so we knew we would most likely sit on the couch in the living room after making his bottles // to feed him. 3. We really only needed a chair to sit in to read to him at night before bed // occasionally rocking him to sleep if he's fussy and having a $400+ chair didn't seem necessary. SO we landed on this little number from a garage sale that we re-covered ourselves!

I also wanted to incorporate other animals too. Elephants are my go-to because they're neutral in color of course. This playmat is so soft and has the option to be monogramed ALSO over 60% off right now! It fits perfectly under Luke's play gym.

The first thing we did in his room is the shiplap wall. His crib is so pretty and has the ability to turn into a toddler bed once he gets a little older. His bedding is from Restoration Hardware (I don't have a link for it) but I found some similar bedding with the same colors / neutral vibe here:

We still have some work to do with adding in some height with a potential faux tree. Since Luke will be sleeping in his bassinet in our room for awhile, we still have time to decide what we want to do in the corners of his room. For now, we just have is rocking deer and some baskets with toys and blankets.

Deer rocker is no longer available but they have so many other precious options here.

Custom sign we had made with our favorite verse from the book of Luke. You can order pre-made signs or have the seller make your custom sign here. Shop Luke's nursery monitor here.

Thanks so much for reading about our little man's nursery! We are so blessed to have such a happy, healthy little boy. We are definitely tired but it is so worth it!

xoxo Madeline

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