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Gift Guides | Christmas 2020

The holiday season is here once again! I am so excited that we have a new member of our family to share it with. As always, it means the world to me when you shop my gift guides! Hopefully you find these helpful. I will be updating this post as I create new gift guides!

All items will have a link at the bottom of each graphic OR simply click on the picture of product you want and it will take you directly to the page (:

  1. Makeup Eraser Towels - no soap needed! Gentle on the skin

  2. Makeup Mirror - I've had mine for 5 years. Plugs in to the wall for maximum light power + double sided with a magnifying mirror.

  3. Travel Perfume - scents are so personal + think they are a nice gift to give

  4. Lip Mask Kit - would also be a great way to split up for stocking stuffers!

  5. Chanel - my favorite perfume had to make the list!

  6. Elf Lip Balm

  7. Makeup Brush Spinner - keeps the hands dry and the brushes clean

  8. Lashes

  9. Microfiber Headbands

  10. Mad Hippie Serum Set - adding to my list, heard great things!

  11. Travel Case - you can customize the inside!

  12. Stackable drawers - I have 4 of these!

  1. Candle - one of my favorite brands

  2. Rechargeable Lighter - no more waste! Simply recharge for more juice

  3. Slippers - so many bloggers own and love these!

  4. BFD Socks - great for a stocking stuffer too

  5. Throw- great reviews + a universal gift!

  6. The Cozy - I want one so bad! Imagine getting in this after the shower!

  7. Satin Pillow Case - great for you hair and skin

  8. Sleep Roller - I love this scent, I have it in the lotion!

  1. Tool Bench Set

  2. Square Shape Sorter

  3. Truck - other vehicle shapes available

  4. Watercolor Xylophone

  5. Number Puzzle

  6. Sensory Bin Tools

  1. Recipe Engraved Cutting Board - I was gifted one of these with my Nonni's famous chocolate pie recipe and I love it! I display it on our counter with my other cutting boards. At the end of the day, this is more than just a cutting board, it holds memories.

  2. Name Necklace

  3. Door Mat - perfect as a housewarming gift, in-laws or newlyweds!

  4. Tea Towel - another great keepsake piece, the seller can even do a removed text version to be directly printed on the towel!

  5. Charcuterie Board - if 2020 wasn't the year of adult lunchables?!? Another great gift for someone who loves to host, newlyweds, or to use as decor in the kitchen.

  1. Flacket - not a strait flannel, not a jacket. A Flacket if you will. Great quality, I bought Dillon's true size.

  2. Ugg Slippers - great investment, won't need to keep re-buying like cheaper options!

  3. Cologne - so yummy! I love this scent for Dillon. He's tried others but he always goes back to this one.

  4. Rubber Band Wallet - this is a great option for a guy who doesn't like a bulky wallet. Heavy duty rubber band with a silver clasp. My dad and Dillon love and use these!

  5. Car Vacuum - 4.5/5 star reviews!

  6. Seasoning - seriously so good!

  1. Car Vacuum - 4.5/5 star reviews!

  2. Cleaning Kit - Dillon uses this brand all the time. He loves the quick detailer

  3. Fragrance Oil Freshener - multiple scents available

  4. Double Bottle of Car Freshener - also comes in travel size

  5. Dust Gel - for those hard to reach places like cup holders

  6. Microfiber Towels - great for rims or the entire car

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