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gender reveal | baby stokes

This was such a fun day! We had our closest friends and family gather in excitement to see what our little bundle of joy would be!

Our gender reveal party was one of the most fun things we have ever planned. As soon as we found out we were pregnant, I went to town on Pinterest to find different ways to reveal the gender of baby Stokes. I had so many questions over the little details of our party, so what better way to explain everything than with a blog post! I hope these tips + ideas get you ready for your next event!

The Balloon Wall

I'm not going to say that doing a balloon wall is difficult, but it's definitely not the easiest, especially when it's 100 degrees outside. Most of my balloons were purchased from Party City and Bargain Balloons. My #1 tip for blowing up all of these balloons is HELP and an air compressor. Don't try to blow these up manually, you will pass out and die. We found it worked best to tie two different colored balloons together, then string them together using fishing line. Using a PVC pipe frame, we tied 4 strings of balloons on top of one another to achieve the backdrop, then added spare balloons to fill in any holes. (we had some casualties due to the heat, I suggest waiting as long as possible before assembling your wall in the heat)

Balloon Garland

Making a single garland is wayyyy easier than a balloon wall. Start off with your largest balloon first and gradually add smaller balloons to give it that tapered look. We strung all of the balloons together using fishing line and 3m hooks to attach it to the wall!

Food, Food, Food

This mama was craving all the things, so a spread ranging from shrimp cocktail to sandwiches it is!

Our paper goods are from Posh Party Supplies. We had Sweet Face Sugar Shoppe design cookies to match our paper goods!

and of course drinks to match the theme!

We are so excited to be bringing in our little guy into this world! Even though our lives will be filled with sports, dirt, and fishing, this mama will still be rocking her pink!

and to say that I was shocked it was a boy would be an understatement!

Check out this short video of our party for our little man!

Now that the party is over.... what do we name him?

xoxo mom + dad

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