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Styling A Chunky sweater

Hi it's me, writing a blog post on how to style a chunky sweater in the middle of August. Ya'll, I am so ready for fall. I feel so much more confident in fall/winter clothes. Partly because I am a modest person and love layers. The other part is that I just had a baby ha!

I've said this a million times on stories but I truly feel like your best money spent is on things that are a classic. A thick much neck sweater is a closet staple for fall, so why not invest in one that won't fall apart? This one is my absolute favorite and a part of the #NordstromSale.

When buying something that is more on the expensive side, I try to come up with at least 3-5 ways I can style it, or I won't buy it. Here are some of my favorite ways to style a black chunky sweater:


I love denim skirts! They left the fashion world for a hot minute but I think they are here to stay! This is such a unique skirt. It runs a little on the smaller side because the denim has no stretch but I am really loving it. Check back soon for an entire blog post on 7 ways to style a denim skirt! ANYWHO- I love how this sweater pretty much goes with any bottom you choose!


Yes, this may be your #BASIC girl look but I love it! These leggings are worth every dang penny! I wore these quite a bit while I was pregnant with Luke. I belted the sweater here to accentuate my waist.


Give me all the cheetah print. Where I'm from, it's considered a neutral. I love pairing chunky sweaters with skirts, this one works perfect! I belted the sweater with a statement belt (pricey but so worth it, I wear it year-round)!


For those days when you are chasing your soon-to-be mobile child! This is the ultimate casual #MOM look! These are my favorite high waisted mom jeans from Walmart, I can't believe they are only $17!


Last but not least (for now) is my pregnancy uniform! I wore this almost every day while to work towards the end of my pregnancy. Such a casual + chic look perfect for travel or holidays!

Check back when it's actually fall and I'll throw in a few more options (:



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